The text Taking a bath with “the best man in France” (2012) by Susan Silas is a very interesting artistic statement on Albert Camus, Roland Barthes and the gaze/death of the subject.


Haus der Kunst Munich: Thomas Ruff

The new exhibition at Haus der Kunst is not called “retrospective”, but it is one. Curator Thomas Weski shows the lifetime Work of Thomas Ruff in a clear structure: beginning with the small-sized, but impressive “Interieur”-Photos, which show in the tradition of german 1920s “Neue Sachlichkeit” the interior of post war Germany and ending with the the new series “jpeg”. Also included are the often discussed “nudes”. The show demonstrates their high quality, although many critics think they might be just provocative. The highlight is the “portrait”-series from the 1980s with the large scaled and timeless photographs.