Street view of Cyprien Gaillard mural (2012). Via Sprueth Magers.

Gaillard’s contribution to the project, a large-scale reproduction of the Friedrich’s epitaph, dislocates the text from a Dresden cemetery and inserts it into a bustling LA intersection, simultaneously paying homage to the well-known painter and bringing to mind the sublime, Romantic landscapes for which Friedrich is revered. In doing so, it calls attention to the differences between the landscape of 21st century Los Angeles and that of 19th century Germany, while also perhaps proposing the LA car culture as, what the press release calls, “the landscape of romance.” Flipping from “romantic landscape” to “landscape of romance,” the piece calls to the foreground how we experience space, as well as how we understand the sublime, or the sublime experience, in contemporary culture.

via » Los Angeles: Cyprien Gaillard Mural for Triple A public art project through March 2012 – AO Art Observed™.