Artists, Embrace your Redundancy

July 7, 2012

REPOartist Jim Costanzo (today a.k.a. Aaron Burr Society) with his sign “Advantages of an Unregulated Free Market Economy” just outside the New York Stock Exchange building on Wall Street (by coincidence it was the 200th Anniversary of the Exchange). REPOhistory, NYC, 1992 Photo Tom Klem.

Gregory Sholette:
“Artists, Embrace your Redundancy,” An Introduction to Gregory Sholette’s “Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise”

As early as 1984 art historian Carol Duncan pinpointed a fundamental, though typically overlooked feature of high culture: that the majority of professionally trained artists make up a vast surplus whose redundancy is the normal condition of the art market.

More than twenty years later, a policy study by the California-based Rand Corporation reinforced and updated these observations describing an even more unsettling picture of the 2005 art world. Its key finding was that although the number of artists had greatly increased over the previous decades, the always-evident hierarchy among artists “appears to have become increasingly stratified, as has their earnings prospects.” Read more …

In: Manifesta Journal #15


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