May 24, 2012

The Concept of the Bucharest Biennale 2012

In the last few years, the ‘here and now’ has been increasingly referred to as ‘precarious,’ giving rise to a number of publications, conferences and exhibitions[1] that examine the relationship between different forms and interpretations of precariousness in relation to current artistic practice. As Hal Foster noted in his article ‘Precarious’, ‘Over the past decade, this condition became all but pervasive, and it is this heightened insecurity that much art has attempted to manifest, even to exacerbate. This social instability is redoubled by an artistic instability, as the work at issue here foregrounds its own schismatic condition, its own lack of shared meanings, methods or motivations. Paradoxically, then, precariousness seems almost constitutive of much art …'[2]. Foster further notes that within such work, the ‘”confusion” of ruling elites and the “violence” of global capital … is often staged in performative installations,’ and cites work by Thomas Hirschhorn and Isa Genzken that, in different ways, reflects this in both form and content.


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