I saw this exhibition in London and it is astonishing how precise and “new” is the perspective of Saatchie on the German art scene. I suppose this show would not have the quality, if a German museum would have curated. Surprisingly the artists have chosen more traditional forms then “new media”.

“The Saatchi Gallery in London is currently showing the work of twenty-four artists who work in, or are from, Germany. The exhibition, titled Gesamtkunstwerk: New Art From Germany, gives the audience a chance to see artists who come from the currently lively German art scene. Charles Saatchi has been collecting for over thirty years, and has had had numerous influential shows, often focusing on younger artists. The current exhibition continues a focus on younger artists, although there are some older as well, including Isa Genzken (born 1948). All three floors of Saatchi’s London gallery have been put to use, providing the larger pieces with plenty of room, and offering a rather impressive overview of contemporary art being made in Germany today” read more…


I visited the light artist Grimanesa Amoros last year in her New York atelier. She is a very interesting artist and makes stunning light installations. Read her interview in whitewall magazine.


Brain ActivityDavid Shrigley‘s first survey show in London, brings together choice examples of his photography, sculpture, and drawings to highlight the artist’s humor and wit. While he was classically trained at the Glasgow School of Art, Shrigley’s characteristic style today is stripped down, sketchy and, to use his own word, “misshapen.” The exhibition is organized into four basic themes: death, misery, characters, and misshapen things.”The big themes are the ones that interest me, and the ones that have the potential to be the most comic,” Shrigley says of his work. “Making artwork is kind of one of the most fun things that one can do. It’s fun, I like it.”

» London: David Shrigley ‘Brain Activity’ at Hayward Gallery through May 13, 2012 – AO Art Observed™.